scottish dentistsThe Scottish Government has confirmed NHS dentists in Scotland will receive a 1% pay rise, in line with the DDRB’s recommendation.

In addition to this, the Government has also said there would be an uplift on item of service fees to 2.25%, from 1.61% in 2016/17.

British Dental Association (BDA) Scotland has welcomed the raise on items of service, but pointed out it does not reverse the real-terms fall in pay for GDPs.

‘We are pleased to have secured some concessions on item of service fees, but this will do little to change the direction of travel for general practice in Scotland,’ Robert Donald, chair of the BDA’s Scottish Dental Practice Committee said.

‘A decade of under-investment continues to fatally undermine recruitment, retention and investment across the service.

‘The Scottish Government needs to choose between its commitment to pay restraint and the sustainability of an NHS dental system on which our patients depend.’

The Scottish Government has said it is still considering when to implement the uplifts and arrangements for backdating pay.

Real-terms pay cut

Scottish NHS dentists have experienced a real-terms pay cut of almost 30% since 2009, according to BDA Scotland.

Despite this, the cost of running a practice and regulatory compliance has shot up 1086% over the last decade, leaving Scottish dentists the lowest paid amongst all the home nations.