Fiona OrdFiona Ord, an Edinburgh dental hygienist, has walked away winning Biomin’s 2017 Clinical Case Study Award.

The case she presented, which incorporated the use of Biomin F toothpaste to reduce tooth sensitivity, the judges claimed offered ‘considerable scientific rigour’,

The judging panel said that ‘Fiona┬ádeveloped a very logical treatment plan, which coupled with appropriate and detailed oral hygiene instructions, resulted in an excellent clinical outcome’.

‘I am delighted to have won this award,’ Fiona Ord said.

‘The patient in my case study presented dentine hypersensitivity that had not been discussed with previous clinicians.’


Biomin F toothpaste is a controlled release fluoride toothpaste that provides a fluorapatite rich surface on the teeth after brushing for up to 12 hours.

This helps reduce sensitivity and provides protection against acid attack and early stage enamel lesions.

The company will publish details of the 2018 Clinical Case Study Competition in February next year.

Please indicate your interest to participate at and details will be sent directly to you.