The team at Southside Dental Care took part in a 1,000-kilometre bike ride, without leaving the reception of their practice.

Using an exercise bike in the reception, the team took turns, changing over once an hour, to help reach the 1,000-kilometre target.

It was all to raise money for their chosen local charity, Cash for Kids, which supports children aged 0-18 who are disabled, disadvantaged or suffering from abuse or neglect.

Feeling the burn

‘Earlier this year the team decided that we needed to do something big to raise money for our chosen charity “Cash for Kids”,’ Aimi Branton-Bouglas, practice manager at Southside Dental Care, said.

‘The challenge we set was to cycle 1,000k in a week!

‘To do that we got an exercise bike in our reception area and for every hour that we were open there was a member of the team furiously pedalling away.

‘Everyone’s first hour was wonderfully easy and enthusiastic, but as the week went on and the hours clocked up, everyone was feeling the burn – but we pushed on.

‘We reached our 1,000k target by the Thursday morning and instead of stopping there the practice principal then pledged £1 for every extra 1K cycled.

‘At the end of the week we had covered 1,303K and raised a grand total of £925.24.

‘Our thinking caps are on for next year’s challenge.’

If you would like to find out more or to make a donation, please visit: