Phil GrigorPhil Grigor has been announced as the new Scotland director of the British Dental Association (BDA).

Phil will join BDA Scotland from 12 February, after previously working as head of strategic planning at the University of the West of Scotland and working extensively in policy for the Scottish Health Department, NHS in Scotland and at Audit Scotland.

‘I am proud to be joining the BDA as its new Scotland director,’ Phil Grigor said.

‘We face funding shortfalls, low morale and oral health inequalities.

‘However, with the Scottish Government’s Oral Health Improvement Plan due to be published, this is also a time where we can really look to shape future oral health policy.

‘I am determined to give our members the strongest possible voice at Holyrood, and to help to ensure all Scots can enjoy effective oral health.’

‘Delighted’ to have him joining

Derek Harper, a practice owner in Kirkcaldy, Fife, and member of the BDA’s Principal Executive Committee, said: ‘Dentistry in Scotland is under huge pressure.

‘Phil has worked across the public sector, including at the heart of Scottish Government, and comes equipped with the insight and experience to help us win the argument for a sustainable service.

‘We were hugely impressed with his strategic approach and are delighted to have him join the team.’