We speak to Chris McMahon about how he came to work at Leca Dental and the future of private dental treatment.

The significant rise in private dentistry is indicative of the changes in the industry as a whole, and, as cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry has become more accessible, the number of patients choosing to go private continues to increase.

To keep up with growing demand, Leca Dental has been through a significant transformation, and a key part of this has been the appointment of Chris McMahon.

Chris heads up a team dedicated to working solely on using the best materials and finest craftsmanship to produce a world-class range of private appliances.

For anyone who has worked with Leca before, Chris may be a familiar name.

He has been a member of the team for over 15 years, and his wealth of expertise meant he was perfectly placed to lead the private department. 

Chris has a fantastic reputation in the industry and is full of enthusiasm and pride for his work.

We caught up with Chris to find out a bit more about him, to get his views on private dentistry and to find out why he thinks Leca is producing the best that the industry has to offer.

Dentistry Scotland (DS): Can you explain a little bit about your role at Leca?

Chris McMahon (CM): As manager of the private department I am involved in the construction of various different kinds of dental appliances.

I oversee the production process, monitoring product standards and implement quality control programs.

We work differently from many other dental laboratories in that we complete all cases from start to finish instead of just being responsible for one aspect of the construction process for an appliance; this is one of the reasons that first attracted me to working at Leca Dental.

DS: What do you see for the future of the private department within Leca?

CM: We have seen a substantial rise in the demand for private dental care over the last five years and there is no sign of it slowing down.

We are in the process of taking on additional technicians to expand our private team in order to keep up with the increase.

My ambition for the future is to build upon our formidable workforce and to ensure we are producing the best dental appliances in Scotland.    

DS: What impact has cosmetic dentistry had on your field?

CM: Previously, we had our NHS and private departments combined and were responsible for producing over a hundred appliances per day, however now that the departments have split my focus is purely on quality as opposed to quantity, ensuring that only the best appliances are leaving our laboratory.

Within our private department we have made significant investments over the last 12 months.

Our new Ivobase System allows us to manufacture denture bases with the highest accuracy of fit and precision.

We are also now using Enigmalife+ denture teeth, the best quality teeth on the market today, which is incomparable to any other teeth we’ve worked with before.

DS: What impact has developments in technology had on your role and which do you think have been the most positive?

CM: Digital dentistry has been a huge theme for us over the last few years and one we are definitely seeing growth in.

Thanks to intraoral scanning, we can now receive files from a dentist instantly, which then allows us to digitally print a 3D model giving us an incredibly accurate impression to work on.

By combining oral scanning, CAD/CAM design and 3D printing, productivity and precision has massively increased across a huge range of dental products.

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