The Scottish Government has promised a 3% pay increase in 2018/19 for salaried dentists earning under £80,000.

The pay award will also be backdated to 1 April 2018.

Increases in pay for dentists earning more than £80,000 will be capped at £1,600.

‘Scotland’s health service is founded on the incredible contribution of its staff and this agreement recognises the role played by our doctors and dentists,’ Health Secretary Jeane Freeman says.

‘This pay increase will be backdated to 1 April – something that is not happening in England.

‘It follows our minimum 9% rise for NHS Agenda for Change employees over the next three years – which will give those 147,000 employees the best pay conditions in the UK.

‘By offering fair pay increases we can help to support recruitment and retention of staff, encouraging health professionals to build their careers in Scotland’s NHS.’

Dental pay

Scotland is the only home country to increase dental pay over the last year, an increase of 0.1% to £67,800.

Despite this, dentists in Scotland are still the second worst paid, with average salaries in England and Wales dropping 0.7% to £68,700.

Northern Irish dentists saw the biggest drop and are now the worst paid, with average salaries dropping by 4.3% to £66,400.

When pushed on a comment, an NHS spokesperson said: ‘The number of dentists providing NHS services continues to increase.

‘Most importantly for our patients, when people need to get an NHS dentist appointment they are almost always able to get one.

‘Nine times out of 10, their experience is positive.’