Ross McLelland is accusing regulators in Scotland of creating a ‘bizarre double standard’ between NHS and private dentistry.

From March 2019, private-only practices will be required to offer Healthcare Improvement Scotland inspectors three years worth of accounts.

By contrast, NHS practices will not have their incomings and outgoings routinely inspected.

‘I receive no public money whatsoever from anywhere,’ Mr McLelland said to The Herald.

‘But I have to hand over three years’ worth of accounts.

‘What has it got to do with them what my business finances are?

‘You can have another practice virtually private, but as long as it does a bit of NHS it escapes this process.

‘Equally, a practice could be mainly NHS and getting the bulk of its income from the Scottish Government, but they’re never having their account inspected.

‘It’s all done on trust.’

Inspection reports

Healthcare Improvement Scotland also publishes all inspection reports on its website.

This means patients will be able to see ratings from inspectors on all purely private dental practices, but not NHS.

‘I don’t want to make it an NHS versus private issue, it’s not about that,’

‘But why is everyone not being subjected to the same degree of scrutiny – that’s my gripe.’