Some families in Dundee are sharing one toothbrush between the whole household, a student-led educational programme says.

‘Toothy Tigers’ were visiting schools in the Dundee area to help teach children how to maintain good oral hygiene.

Whilst there several children pointed out that their parents couldn’t afford to supply them with their own toothbrush.

‘Some of the kids here have said they don’t even have a toothbrush or there is only one toothbrush for the whole family,’ Mr Mossey said to The Courier.

‘A lot of people would assume that things like toothbrushes are widely available.

‘This side of the Kingsway is one of the worst Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) areas in Scotland.

‘The knock-on effect is that dental health locally is one of the worst and is a good example of health inequalities.

‘It ties in with other problems such as diabetes, obesity and smoking.’

Child decay

Dundee has one of the worst rates in Scotland for child decay, The Courier reports.

According to figures from the End Child Poverty Coalition, 28% of Dundee’s children are growing up below the poverty line.

Toothy Tigers hopes its work will help to improve the oral hygiene of children in the area.

‘We hope that this will increase awareness of Toothy Tigers,’ Mr Mossey concluded.

‘We want this to become a routine initiative rather than a one off.

‘Ideally it will be built into the school curriculum.

‘Behaviour change is the biggest challenge here.

‘This is why we do demonstrations.

‘If they see it they remember.’