Do you use Facebook advertising to its full potential, Louise Bone asks.

Doing social media well is something that many practices ask for advice about. While most recognise the benefits of using platforms such as Facebook as part of their marketing and have a presence on the site, they don’t necessarily have the skills in their team to use it to best effect.

One particular area I see this in is advertising on Facebook. This is possibly because, although many in your team are likely to have a personal page and will be familiar with how to post updates and photos etc, they are not necessarily as au fait with the advertising side. But, as one of the few aspects of social media that involves a cost – albeit a significantly cheaper one than more traditional forms of advertising – there is an added incentive to ensure you are taking the right approach.

Facebook ads

With this in mind, I thought I would share 10 top tips to using Facebook ads:

  1. Be personable – when creating the copy for your advert, try to keep it personable. Potential patients are much more likely to respond to friendly, ‘human’ updates. For example: ‘At DPAS Dental Practice, our focus is on you! Come and speak to our friendly team at any time between 9am and 4pm today’, etc
  2. People like people – following on from the above point…consider using images of your staff for any images and videos. A potential patient is much more likely to notice your advert if it features a person rather than an inanimate object
  3. Keep your copy concise – to stand out from the crowd, it’s important to keep your updates concise. Your advert may only be seen once or twice by a potential patient, so get your key points across
  4. Minimise text on any imagery – a strong image can really make a difference on Facebook. Make sure it is 1200 x 628 in pixel size, and that any text on the image itself takes up less than 20% of the overall space
  5. Keep video ads short – as with text in an advert, conciseness is key if you are using videos in your ads – it’s unlikely that anyone scrolling through Facebook will sit through a 48-minute video of a dental procedure! Consider limiting any videos to a minute at most… aim for 15 seconds or less if possible
  6. Have a clear call to action – ultimately you want someone viewing your advert to take some kind of action, whether that’s booking a particular treatment you’re promoting or taking advantage of a special offer. Make sure your call to action sits underneath your image in the advert, and is clear and short
  7. Target people by location – it is no good targeting everybody in the UK if your practice only covers a small area of Perthshire, for example. You can use Facebook’s advanced targeting methods to aim your adverts at people in specific locations, right down to village level
  8. Take advantage of other target parameters – you can customise your audience to be as relevant as possible to the type of people you are trying to attract. Facebook enables you to target people by age, profession and interest
  9. Set a sensible spend limit, and don’t be afraid to turn it off – the great thing about Facebook ads is that you can set a budget at the start but they can be turned on and off at any time
  10. Monitor your advert’s success – once you have set your advert live, track it by regularly looking at the statistics on Facebook. You will be able to see the reach of your post as well as the number of people who have clicked through to your website.

While it may feel quite daunting to set up your first Facebook ad, they can be a great complement to your existing organic (non-paid for) activity and help to boost your engagement with potential and existing patients.

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