DB Orthodontics explains how the dual retention system Maintain, developed by consultant orthodontist David Waring, offers a positive experience for both patient and clinician.

The confidence your patients have in the treatment you provide can be contagious. Positive word of mouth, on and offline, can boost the number of walk-ins and referrals you receive. So, when it comes to fitting a retainer and carrying out check-up appointments, the smoother the process is, the better. Fortunately, a smooth process is one of the key advantages of the Maintain retainer.

Dual support

Maintain is an easy-to-fit and convenient dual retention system designed to overcome many of the challenges faced during the prescription, fitting stage and future patient check-ups.

Fabricated by highly trained dental technicians at DB Orthodontics’ in-house lab, Studio 8, Maintain is comprised of two elements. A bonded retainer made with rectangular shaped Straight 8 Plus fixed lingually, and a removable pressure formed retainer for the full arch, with an additional spare, for the patient to wear nightly. Maintain makes fitting appointments simple, whilst offering maximum strength and support for the patient’s dentition.

David Waring says of the system: ‘Dual retention is a desired approach for retention following active orthodontic treatment. The design of Maintain performs both roles and allows easy placement of the bonded retainer.’

Happy patients

Patient compliance and buy-in is important for maintaining long-lasting results and a good relationship with your patient. One study proved the merits of patient participation (Nikolay et al, 2010). Encouraging patients to remember to wear their retainer nightly improves patient satisfaction and reduces the likelihood of complaints when a lingual retainer breaks or a re-lapse occurs.

Maintain’s removable retainer encourages participation as well as peace of mind for the patient that they are receiving a high quality, robust yet comfortable, ‘belt and braces’ style treatment.

Easy to fit

Maintain’s bonded retainer is created from Straight 8 Plus wire; a six-strand braided, flattened, stainless steel wire, which ensures a superior fit at bonding stage. A clear working view is enjoyed as the wire is attached to a vacuum formed transfer jig with a cut-out window.

Enjoy the freedom of both hands and no risk of dropping the wire and, once bonded, you also have the option of delegating the separation of the jig from the wire with a slow speed bur or wire cutter to your therapist.

Less appointments

Studio 8’s digital technology allows clinicians to take a scan or impression with fixed appliances still in place whilst still creating a perfect fit.

Maintain can be fitted at the same time as the de-bond of appliances, meaning all is completed in one appointment. This offers the bonus of less chairside time, saves on booking an additional visit for the patient and removes the risk of tooth movement occurring between de-bonding and fitting appointments.

Ask for Maintain

When it comes to maintaining the correct position of teeth after orthodontic treatment, studies have shown there isn’t one method distinctly better than the other (Littlewood et al, 2016).

Considering this, a dual retention approach, the convenience of less appointments, a quick and easy fitting, and a personal and inclusive approach for your patients may make all the difference. And this is where Maintain stands out from the crowd.


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