George Papadakis talks to us about the Dentistry Scotland Awards and why you should enter.

Dentistry Scotland (DS): How does it feel to have won Best Child Friendly Practice, Best Charity or Community Project and Practice of the Year?

It’s a bit of a surprise being honest, but a pleasant surprise!

Coming to the awards, it’s our second year, we didn’t really know what to expect. You think you win it one year and you’re wondering whether there might be other worthy winners the next year.

So, it was a surprise, a really pleasant surprise, especially Practice of the Year. We can’t self-nominate for that, so that was like winning the lottery, it was completely out of the blue. It was a great occasion for everybody.

DS: Did you enjoy the evening?

Yes, we did. Besides making the public aware of the practice and using it as a marketing tool, I think the awards brings the dental team together. It focuses them and gives them something to look forward to. It helps to make them happy about their job. The awards helped to bond the team and make everybody so much happier to be part of the practice. It makes you want to push further forward and question what you can do better.

DS: Why did you choose to enter the awards?

Our practice manager, Laureen, she was looking into it. As a marketing tool it’s great.

Having entered the first year, we realised it was more than just great marketing. It’s good for the whole team. We felt very together.

It’s always a beautiful night to attend, everybody at FMC (who put on the awards) are always good hosts.

DS: What do you think the Dentistry Scotland Awards are doing to standards within the profession?

I think everybody is trying that little bit harder to accomplish something better. For me, the award isn’t to show me I’ve done well, it makes me want to try even harder. You want to repeat it again, show everybody else you can improve, maybe try to win a different category.

We can be stuck in an everyday routine working with our patients, this is an extra incentive to show people what we can do, what we can achieve and how much better we can do.

DS: Have you noticed a difference in patient numbers since winning the award?

People usually look up online when they choose a dentist for their treatments. There’s been so many people come in and say they’re between different practices but seen we’ve won the award and picked us over another practice. There’s been many registrations locally as well. It’s definitely helped with new patient numbers.

Not just newer patients though, older patients take more pride in their dentist, think they’re going to a good dentist and trust the dentist a bit more. So, the rewards are with both older and new patients.

DS: Have you any advice you would pass onto newly qualified/aspiring dentists?

I would say to just believe in themselves. It’s not impossible to win an award. I don’t think you need to do anything special, just focus, try to do your best and an award might just be waiting for you.

DS: Will you be entering the awards again this year?

Probably, we’re already looking into preparing a nomination for next year. It’s up to the practice manager which category we go for. We’ll probably try again for Best Child Friendly Practice and we may go for Most Valuable Team Member.

For more information on the Dentistry Scotland Awards, visit, email or call 01923 851779.