Orthodontist Lisa Currie from the award-winning practice The Orthodontic Clinic talks about going on a journey with your patient and relishing the end result.

1. What got you into dentistry?

Actually, I was inspired by my own orthodontist when I was a teenager having braces. I’d always enjoyed sciences and knew I would follow a path based on this but what impressed me was his practical skills and my end result, of course. Mostly, I was in awe of all the certificates that hung on his surgery wall.

2. What do you like most about it?

Meeting, then building a relationship with patients who are so grateful for all that you do to give them the smile that they deserve. It really touches my heart when someone looks in the mirror at debond after two years with braces and tears of joy fill their eyes. With orthodontics, you really go on a journey with your patient and it makes it so much more satisfying at the end of treatment.

3. How do you see the future of dentistry in Scotland evolving?

I only really speak for the specialty of orthodontics, as that is what I have spent my career training to do and to teach.

I am concerned about the way that a dental surgery seems to be becoming a ‘one-stop shop’. Our clinic’s first priority is patient care, that is why our practice specialises only in orthodontics. I think that being a jack of all trades, master of none can be worrying in dentistry. I think this, in part, is why we are seeing an increase in the number of litigation cases in dentistry in Scotland.

I would personally like to see the government and the GDC do more to better inform and educate both patients and referrers with more emphasis being placed on the importance of specialist training.

4. How do you unwind outside of dentistry?

I love travelling and just experiencing a new country, a different culture. It’s a great reminder of the world around you and what’s going on. I also love going to the cinema and eating out.

5. Where’s your favourite holiday destination?

I love to go anywhere on a plane! Especially though, I like going back to Malaysia as it means visiting family and eating all the foods that I enjoyed when growing up as a young child there.

6. What’s your favourite film?

There are so many! I love a good musical – The Greatest Showman was fantastic!

7. What’s your favourite meal?

A dish called ‘Hainanese chicken rice’, which is from Malaysia.

8. What’s your favourite book?

The Secret.

9. What’s your favourite sport?


10. What do you prefer – Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

None. On a personal level, I don’t really do social media.

11. What was the last picture you took with your phone?

Of a wonderful meal I was eating that was presented so beautifully that it warranted saving for a future food envy fix!

12. What kind of music do you listen to?

All kinds, mostly contemporary but I still enjoy those easy listening tunes on Magic!

13. Sum yourself up in one word.