Multi-buy promotions of high-sugar breakfast cereals should be banned, ministers are being urged under a new anti-obesity drive.

Dr Ruth Campbell, consultant dietician, told the Scottish Government parents are unaware of the high sugar content in some cereals.

She is asking that some breakfast products should come under the same classification as cakes and sweets.

‘We would urge the Scottish Government to include high-sugar breakfast cereals and cereal bars in these restrictions,’ Dr Campbell told The Times.

‘Breakfast cereals high in sugar are regularly consumed by young children.

‘Many parents are unaware of the sugar content and the implications for oral and general health.

‘We support the proposal that discretionary foods are targeted initially.

‘But we would encourage the government to take further action to include a wider approach to include meat and potato products that are particularly high in fat.’

Placing restrictions

The Scottish Government is looking to limit the promotion and marketing of foods high in fat and sugar.

A consultation has been asking for views on placing restrictions on foods such as biscuits, crisps and sweets.

Some public health officials have asked for the government to go further and even include charity bake sales.

‘Charity bake sales and similar often rely on the purchase of food high in fat, sugar or salt to make money,’ Michele McCoy, interim director of public health at NHS Dumfries & Galloway, said to The Times.

‘This contributes significantly to the culture of overconsumption of the very things we know need to be reduced.’