Paul Stone has been announced as a speaker at this year’s Edinburgh Dentistry Show on 22 June.

He will be discussing recent developments in bone regeneration for implants, with an emphasis on avoiding autogenous bone block harvesting.

The lecture will focus on appropriate use of biomaterials and the adjunctive role of other biological processes to enhance healing.

‘The ability to build bone in sites where implants are being placed or are planned to be placed is an essential aspect of implant surgery,’ Paul Stone said.

‘Initially, the use of autogenous bone was considered necessary for larger defects.

‘But enhanced understanding of the biology of bone healing has led to a significant improvement in the way that biomaterials can be used for this challenging task.

‘This presentation will look at several new aspects and exciting techniques that facilitate bone regeneration without the need to harvest blocks of bone from the patient.

‘It will briefly review the relevant biology, give invaluable tips for some modified uses for biomaterials and look at the role of platelet-rich fibrin and CAD/CAM printed titanium mesh.

‘For anyone involved in implant surgery, this review of some of the contemporary aspects of bone regeneration should not be missed.’

What is the Edinburgh Dentistry Show?

Edinburgh is finally getting the dental exhibition it deserves, FMC is bringing the show to you.

The Edinburgh Dentistry Show will be taking place at the Corn Exchange on 22 June.

Best of all, it’s completely free to attend!

‘Dentists and the whole dentistry team will no longer have to travel to Birmingham or London to see the latest innovations in dentistry,’ Leanna Ellis, events director at FMC, said.

‘We’re bringing the show to Edinburgh.

‘This is a great way to get hands on with the latest dental tech without having to travel for hours to see it.

‘It’s also the perfect opportunity to hear from leading Scottish dental speakers and network with all your peers.’

Power lectures

The Edinburgh Dentistry Show will include expert mini ‘power lectures’, lasting only 20 minutes each.

The event will bring special show offers, key supply companies, technology providers and training course organisers all under one roof in one of Scotland’s most beautiful cities.

Enhanced CPD will also be on offer for all of those that attend.

‘We want to make sure you get the most out of your day,’ Seb Evans, Dentistry Scotland editor, said.

‘That’s why we decided to introduce mini “power lectures”.

‘You can hear from the leading speakers in Scottish dentistry, network with colleagues and still have time to see all the latest innovations and speak to dental manufacturers.

‘This will be a day you won’t want to miss.’

For more information and to register for free visit