Dentsply Sirona covers its launch of its intraoral scanner – Primescan.

Quite often, in technological developments there are seminal moments that quite literally change the direction of travel for a particular service or industry. Often it is only possible to appreciate these moments in hindsight, but occasionally something so dramatic occurs that it stops people in their tracks. And so it was on 1 February 2019, when over 300 selected dentists, technicians and media from all over Europe, witnessed the launch of Primescan.

The launch venue was the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt, an impressive brick building that has, since 2010, been home to over 47 companies, all of which are directly related to classic automobiles, sports and racing cars. The warmth of the welcome from Dentsply Sirona was in sharp contrast to the chilly February day outside, and as the delegates gathered for the opening address, there was a tangible feeling of growing anticipation.

The event was a fitting spectacle for a project that has been more than five years in the making and is the culmination of thousands of hours of research, development, testing and refinement. What has been produced in this time is quite simply breath-taking, and is a platform from which dentistry can launch itself into a new era of clinical excellence and patient satisfaction.

Setting the standard

Refreshingly, there was acknowledgment from our host Dr Sameer Puri, director of CAD/CAM at Spear and owner of the website, of the whispers that had gained momentum in recent years that CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) had lost ground against its competitors and been ‘left behind’ in the new era of intraoral scanning. Such murmurings, confirmed Dr Puri, are completely unfounded. In 2018 over seven million scans were completed using CEREC Omnicam. That’s one every four seconds. When combined with Dentsply Sirona’s material and milling capabilities it created a powerful system that started the journey of bringing CAD/CAM into the mainstream.

Now, with the launch of Primescan, Dentsply Sirona can refute these accusations even further, as it lays down the gauntlet to other manufacturers by setting a standard way above anything else currently available. In the words of Dr Puri: ‘Dentsply Sirona has not been sitting by doing nothing. They have been developing Primescan, an innovation that takes intraoral scanning to the next level, one that gives us faster scans, more precision, more reliability and the ability to adopt more digital workflows.’

What’s new?

So, what did we learn about Primescan and importantly how does this new scanner set a new trajectory for digital dentistry?

Fast: Primescan’s unique technology means the user can capture more high-resolution data more quickly, scanning a whole jaw in less than 30 seconds. During the scanning process the dynamic lens detects more than one million data points per second, whilst intelligent processing compresses the high volume of data, enabling models to be calculated faster.

Accurate: Primescan consolidates more than 50,000 images per second, creating photorealistic images of a quality that has never been achieved before (compared with Omnicam). Newly published research supports Dentsply Sirona’s claim that Primescan is the most accurate intraoral scanner on the market.

User friendly: Primescan is flexible and intuitive. It accommodates faster access to the tooth surface without the need for significant tilting of the camera head, and the increased field of vision enables larger areas to be scanned with fewer sweeps.

Of course, the look of Primescan is also a serious factor and Dentsply Sirona has taken full account of aesthetics in producing this latest model. Smooth curved lines coupled with touchscreen and touchpad technology means fewer gaps and grooves, creating a streamlined, sleek piece of equipment that will be a stylish addition to any surgery.

But above all else, the feeling that dentists took away from the Klassikstadt was that Primescan is fun to use. Having witnessed live scanning demonstrations performed at lightening quick speed, producing high resolution images that were of such excellent quality that even the smallest detail could be picked up, really brought home to us all exactly what a game changer Primescan is set to be.


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