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Louise Bone

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Louise Bone is a practice consultant for DPAS Dental Plans, supporting the ongoing needs of DPAS clients from the implementation of their dental plan to the provision of ongoing advice, guidance and support. Louise has worked in both NHS and private dental practice, and hospital and training settings so has a detailed understanding of the issues that working practices face across her area.
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Why a plan works for our practice

Louise Bone discusses with Colin Gardner how DPAS’s membership plan has helped to manage issues such as a recession and increased regulation. As with all small businesses, dental practices are subject to external factors, such as market forces and legislation, that are beyond their control. While that may be the case, with the support of … Continued

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Ten tips to get the most from your Facebook adverts

Do you use Facebook advertising to its full potential, Louise Bone asks. Doing social media well is something that many practices ask for advice about. While most recognise the benefits of using platforms such as Facebook as part of their marketing and have a presence on the site, they don’t necessarily have the skills in … Continued

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Taking a break from work without a break in income

Louise Bone explores how you can continue to generate income whilst you’re taking time off from work. Many of us will be thinking about and making plans for a summer holiday. Whilst this has financial implications for everyone, for dental practice owners, especially single-handed dentists, it can be doubly concerning. In addition to covering the … Continued

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Is your brand firing on all cylinders?

A vehicle requires a regular service to help it run smoothly. Similarly, a systematic look ‘under the bonnet’ of your practice brand will keep any business in pole position. Louise Bone explains. The ‘car’ analogy is one that is often applied to the service industry. Metaphors provide an easily illustrative vehicle for explaining lengthy processes … Continued

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Is complacency killing your kudos?

Taking a step back can drive any business forward. Louise Bone explains why looking at your practice through the eyes of a patient provides valuable insight. When did you last take a look at your practice? Within any competitive consumer-driven market, businesses thrive on the principles of remodelling what is broken and enhancing what works. … Continued

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Helping practices to move with the times

Louise Bone advises on how a plan provider can help to transform dental practices in Scotland. Practices in Scotland face some unique challenges when compared to the rest of the UK. NHS dentistry in Scotland is based on a fee-per-item system, but includes free examinations. So, to try to encourage a patient to consider trading … Continued

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