Dental Implants in a Day

Premium dental implants

Are you looking to fix your smile in as little as 24 hours? Then visit the industry experts at the Dentistry Scotland, who have helped put smiles back on the faces of over 50,000 patients, every year.

With a combined experience of 150+ years our dentists and specialists ensure that their patients receive the highest quality treatment, using the latest technology.

Tooth loss can occur for many different reasons, for those wanting to do something about it, the Dentistry Scotland offer both single and multiple implants that can be completed in one day.

We see patients every day from all over Greater London, Hertfordshire and Essex who are looking for a quick, yet effective solution for tooth loss.

If you are located around the Essex area please visit our specialist Al Fapero Clinic.

For customers based in south-west London, The Marylebone Implant Centre will be able to see to your implant needs.

The best solution for missing teeth

Our dental implants offer patients a fixed-term solution to tooth loss.

In order to replace the root of the tooth, our implant specialists will fit a titanium screw directly into the jawbone (sounds painful, we know, but our experts will ensure that you won’t feel a thing)!

The gap is then filled by attaching a bridge, crown or denture to the screw.

And that’s it, your award winning smile is back!

“I lost my tooth playing cricket and have always been self-conscious of the gap. The Marylebone Implant Centre fitted me with an implant in one appointment, it was so quick! I finally feel so much more comfortable in myself.” Karen, S. Sutton.

Located near Harlow or Chelmsford? Visit our specialists at Hockerill Dental.

Hassle Free Procedure

 Unlike many short-term implant solutions provided by regular dentists, our implants do not have to be taken out at night.

There is also no need to worry about loose implants as the dental implants provide support and are a comfortable fit.

Perfect practices provide follow-up treatment and customer support to ensure that your implants are functioning correctly and to ensure that you are happy with the results.

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