Fixed braces

Fixed braces in 5 steps

Unhappy with your smile? Let us help you.

Smile with confidence:  here at the Perfect Dental Practice, we want clients to be extremely happy with their smile. We know that not everyone is born with perfect teeth and we can change this with our advanced Orthodontics.

We have many braces and aligners treatments available across all our clinics through London to Hertfordshire and Essex. With 25 years of experience, we will give you the best possible orthodontic treatment that you require. Book a free consultation by calling:  020 7722 1235.

Do you struggle with gaps or misshapen teeth?

We have many solutions if you do. A very popular solution is fixed braces. This is one of the most effective ways of straightening your teeth.  Here is what to expect when getting fixed braces.

What are they?

  • Fixed braces have a wire running through square brackets which are attached to each tooth.
  • The brackets come in a range of colours, from blue to green, purple, white, yellow, pink, orange, as well as, black, grey, silver and gold. You can even mix the colours of your brackets.
  • Clear brackets are also available, so if you want your braces to be less visible this is an option for you. Invisalign is one of the most effective providers of ‘invisible’ aligner braces. They are essentially transparent and can often be less obtrusive than metal braces.
  • Similarly, Incognito braces are an option, which are braces hidden behind your teeth rather than outside

5 step quick process: how are fixed braces fitted?

The process will take 1-2 hours.

  1. Firstly the dentist will clean and dry your teeth
  2. Bonding glue is applied to each of your teeth
  3. The square brackets are placed on every tooth, colour squares added
  4. Finally, an archwire will be attached to connect each bracket together
  5. Every few months your orthodontist will tighten the wire and keep track of your progress.

This wire running through the brackets attached to your teeth will gradually pull your teeth closer together and into the correct position

The cost of fixed braces

  • For A Happy Smile, you can buy now and pay later, 0% finance
  • Braces cost from £25 pcm. Click here.
  • Results can last a lifetime if maintained with the right dental routine.

Short treatment lengths

  • Clients can often see minor results within six months however for the best results fixed braces are generally left on for 16-24 months depending on the severity of our case. Click here for before and after pictures.

Feeling anxious?

We offer a free consultation dedicated to anxious clients to ensure your visit is pleasant and relaxed.

“I have always been unhappy with my smile and have always been a very nervous patient and However, I have seen Dr. Doshi’s work and I have so much confidence in him. After having treatment at the perfect Practice I more confident and less anxious and also have a new smile and story to share with everybody else.”

                                                                                              - Louise

We want you to be happy with your smile. Find your nearest clinic today 



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