A crossbite occurs when a person closes their mouth and some of their upper teeth sit inside their lower teeth. In regularly aligned teeth, the upper set would sit on the outside.

As well as being noticeable when talking or smiling, a crossbite can cause oral health issues.

There are two types of crossbite: anterior and posterior. An anterior crossbite is when a person’s front teeth sit behind their lower front teeth. A posterior crossbite is the opposite; when the upper teeth sit in front of the lower teeth.

What are the effects of a crossbite on my oral health?

When two rows of teeth do not meet correctly, several issues can arise.

A person might find that their gums begin to recede or make small marks above the gum line, which can ultimately lead to painful gums or even damage to the bone.

Receding gums can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and additional stress on the jaw muscles, which can in turn lead to headaches, as well as neck, shoulder and back pain in extreme cases.

If a crossbite is not corrected, it can cause a person’s face to grow irregularly.

What causes a crossbite?

Several factors can contribute to the development of a crossbite.

While most people’s baby teeth fall out before being replaced by their permanent teeth, some people’s teeth can grow in before their baby teeth fall out.

If this occurs, the adult teeth on the corresponding jaw can form out of place.

As with other forms of teeth misalignment, thumb sucking can lead to dental conditions such as a crossbite, underbite and overbite.

Frequently pushing your tongue against your teeth during developing years may also contribute to a crossbite.

How can a crossbite be treated?

There are many ways a crossbite can be treated in your adult years.

Many patients come to us seeking treatment for a crossbite but express concerns about the aesthetic appearance of methods such as traditional wire braces.

A palate expander, which works by gradually widening the roof of the mouth, is one option, as is a regular brace.

At Dentistry Scotland, we proudly offer the Invisalign method. Invisalign is a cost-effective method of teeth alignment in the form of a clear, custom-designed flexible plastic brace and moulded mouth trays that sit comfortably over the teeth.

They are effectively invisible and cause minimal disruption, as they can be removed for teeth brushing or eating.

Although the Invisalign braces are removable and easy to wear, the treatment is very effective in solving a range of dental issues, from crossbite and underbite to overbite and smaller teeth misalignments.

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Keep in mind that although Invisalign is becoming an increasingly popular option, not every dentist has professional experience using this brace, and it is important to choose a practice with Invisalign-trained dentists.

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Alternatives include Incognito braces and six months braces.

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