An open bite, or anterior open bite, means that a person’s upper and lower front teeth slant outward, meaning that they do not touch or close together properly when their mouth is closed.

As well as causing difficulties and discomfort, an open bite may cause people to feel insecure about the aesthetic appearance of their teeth and facial structure.

What causes an open bite?

As with many dental conditions, the root cause is often from childhood habits.

An open bite can be caused by thumb sucking or using a pacifier for a long period of time, straining the alignment of their teeth.

People who frequently pushed their tongue against or between their upper and lower front teeth at a young age may also find they grow up to have an open bite.

However, other genetic problems or medical conditions may cause misalignment.

Skeletal problems can cause your upper and lower jaws to grow apart rather than parallel to one another; this can be a genetic issue.

Is open bite only a cosmetic issue?

Many of our patients come to us seeking treatment for their open bite due to aesthetic reasons, such as feeling as though their teeth are sticking out. However, the condition can also cause more serious problems. An open bite can result in a speech impediment such as a lisp, or difficulties with pronunciation.

Severe cases of open bite can also result in fractured teeth, causing immense discomfort as well as trouble properly biting and chewing food.

How can an open bite be treated?

At a young age, behaviour modification to prevent thumb sucking or reliance on a pacifier can be effective.

However, for older patients with an over bite, we offer Invisalign treatment. This method involves using a removable, invisible brace to realign the teeth.

Many of our patients find that traditional wire braces are inconvenient, uncomfortable and aesthetically problematic.

With Invisalign, there is no discomfort due to the flexible material used in the custom-designed, moulded mouth trays, and the braces are virtually invisible.

One of the greatest benefits of the Invisalign method is its removability.

Patients can remove the braces to eat or brush their teeth, with little disruption. Although Invisalign offers patients greater freedom throughout the treatment, it does not in any way inhibit the process.

It is an effective and proven method for teeth realignment and fixing an open bite.

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Keep in mind that although Invisalign is becoming an increasingly popular option, not every dentist has professional experience using this brace, and it is important to choose a practice with Invisalign-trained dentists.

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Alternatives include Incognito braces and six months braces.

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