An underbite is a dental condition in which the lower teeth extend outward further than the upper front teeth.

It is also known as a class III malocclusion or prognathism. An underbite not only affects a person’s smile, it can also affect their facial structure.

What causes underbites?

Underbites or other forms of dental misalignment can be caused by various factors such as childhood habits or even genetics.

Some childhood habits such as thumb sucking, the prolonged use of a pacifier in children or long-term bottle feeding beyond infant years, can contribute to the development of an underbite.

While childhood habits can cause an underbite, the condition is most commonly inherited genetically.

Is an underbite only a cosmetic issue?

Severe cases of underbites are not just a cosmetic issue, as the condition can cause a range of oral health problems, such as difficulty biting and chewing food, difficulties with speaking, and pain due to the misalignment of the jaw.

When an underbite is corrected, teeth also become easier to clean, drastically reducing the risk of gum disease and ultimately tooth decay.

What treatment is available for an underbite?

Most people are not born with perfectly aligned teeth and the majority of issues are corrected at a young age through methods such as traditional wire braces.

We understand that visible wire braces are not always an option, either for practical or aesthetic reasons.

At our clinics, we proudly offer Invisalign - a convenient, cost-effective treatment that delivers proven results.

The Invisalign method uses clear plastic, bespoke moulded mouth trays that sit comfortably over the teeth.

As well as the obvious benefit of being virtually invisible, unlike traditional wire braces, Invisalign is made from a flexible material that makes them much more comfortable and won’t cause any cuts or discomfort.

Can Invisalign fix my underbite?

Invisalign offers numerous benefits to those who wish to fix teeth alignment issues, without the pain and hassle of regular braces.

The clear brace is removable, meaning patients can still eat or brush their teeth with minimal disruption.

In severe cases of underbite, dentists may decide that removing one or more teeth will further assist the process of fixing the teeth.

For more information on the Invisalign method and how we can help you, contact us today.

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Keep in mind that although Invisalign is becoming an increasingly popular option, not every dentist has professional experience using this brace, and it is important to choose a practice with Invisalign-trained dentists.

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Alternatives include Incognito braces and six months braces.

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