Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile by up to 8 shades in one session!

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Teeth can become discoloured due to:

  • Food and drinks: especially tea, coffee and red wine
  • Smoking and nicotine products
  • Natural darkening through aging

Whiten your teeth with the latest laser whitening technology from The Dentistry Scotland.

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Fast Results, Completely Painless

Modern whitening methods are pain free and don’t make your teeth sensitive either.

Amazing results can be achieved in just one appointment.

We also offer at-home whitening treatments; visit your local dentist and have custom trays made for your mouth.

We supply you with home whitening solution to use with the trays to wear overnight.

At-home whitening is great on its own or can be used to keep your teeth bright and white after treatments at the clinic.

Want straight white teeth? Choose veneers

Veneers are the perfect quick fix for those of you who want a beautiful, uniform white smile.

Spread the cost of veneers in to low monthly payments. Buy veneers on credit with our finance packages.*

Not sure what the right cosmetic treatment is for your smile?

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