Ultrathin Veneers Treatment and Cost

Lumineer® veneers in Hertfordshire & London

Affordable, Beautiful and Long Lasting: Why Ultrathin Veneers could be for you

A Natural Smile That You Want

At Dentistry Scotland, we are proud to offer you a revolutionary step in giving you a complete smile makeover.  Unlike other dental cosmetic surgery, Ultrathin Veneers require very little preparation and most importantly, there is no drilling required.

These porcelain veneers are incredibly thin, usually between 0.2mm and 0.4mm in thickness and rather damage the enamel layer of the tooth, they protect it.

A detailed, conservative assessment enables to assess what preparation and treatment suits you. This factors into the cost, so you pay for what you need. We want to give you the best enhancement for your smile.

Why is this treatment different to others?

Don’t let your fear of cosmetic surgery prevent you from getting the smile that you want. Our dental Ultrathin Veneer treatment ensures that you remain comfortable throughout the procedure and because hardly any enamel is removed from the tooth during preparation, there is minimal post-operative sensitivity.

Because there’s minimal preparation needed, Ultrathin Veneers are very durable as they become a protective layer for each tooth. This ensures that your smile remains natural and long lasting.

We have a number of Dental Practices for you to choose from

Our advanced technology ensures that our dental porcelain veneers are thinner and more durable than ever.

You can get these thin natural veneers that suits your smile from across our dental practices in London, Hertfordshire and Essex. Find your local Perfect Dental Practice.

How Much Do Ultrathin Veneers Cost?

Our Ultrathin Veneers are customisable to your own tastes. This is dependent on;

  • The material used for the veneers, such as porcelain
  • The number of veneers to be applied to each tooth
  • Any treatment needed for your own dental health

Pay for your dental veneers with our affordable finance options

Low monthly payments make cosmetic dental veneers affordable for all budgets.

Enjoy 0% finance over 12 to 24 months.*

We offer competitive cost-effective rates for longer term payment plans.*

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*All finance is subject to status.

Find your Perfect Dental Practice

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