What are dental veneers?

Are you self conscious about your smile?

If so we can help you. Veneers are one of our most popular treatments for stunning long-lasting results.

Changing smiles to award-winning smiles for 25 years

At the Dentistry Scotland, we aim to enhance your smiles through advanced cosmetic treatments. We are a large group of dental practices which offer reliable cosmetic dentistry as well as general dentistry.

We have eight clinics across London to Hertfordshire and through Essex.

How veneers can work for your smile

  1. Hide small imperfections: as an option to hide tooth imperfections such as chips and staining. They can change the size, colour and overall appearance of your teeth. This can help you to feel more confident with a smile that looks natural and beautiful
  2. Fast process in 2 visits: depending on the reason for your veneers will depend on the process. Some can be a simple two-step process whereas some can be more complex
  3. Materials: They are thin, durable shells which are applied to your teeth. Some are made of porcelain and some out of composite resins
  4. Whiter and brighter: often an option to change the colour of your teeth without the side effects of teeth whitening, such as increased sensitivity. Veneers or Whitening?
  5. Spread the cost: available with 0% finance plan over 12-24 months. As well as this there are other finance plans in place for you to have low monthly costs. You will get excellent value for your money with us

What do they do?

  • Change tooth colour - changes dull yellowish teeth into a natural white
  • Alter the shape of teeth - Your teeth can naturally be too small or short which can be altered by Veneers
  • Repair chipped teeth - Veneers can hide small chips in your teeth
  • Improve alignment – teeth can be straightened without the use of braces.
  • Gaps can e removed
  • Correction of misaligned or irregular teeth
  • Grounded enamel from sufferers of bruxism can be restored

We have fitted over 25,000 veneers over the last 25 years and will continue doing so to a professional standard.  Veneers that are fitted incorrectly can fall out and/or cause discomfort.

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Find your Perfect Dental Practice

  • London Patients call 020 7586 1210 (Cosmetic, Implant & General Dentistry)
  • Hertfordshire Patients call  01992 878 030 (Cosmetic, Implant and General Dentistry)
  • Essex Patients call  020 1333 4450 (Specialist Periodontist or Implants)