Dental Hygienists

Visit a dental hygienist for clean and healthy teeth

Hygienists and Hygiene Therapists are an essential part of our clinical teams.

Our hygiene therapists assist our periodontists, cosmetic dentists and specialists to take care of our patients’ complete oral health.

Our hygiene therapists can carry out routine examinations for you meaning you don’t have to book in to see your dentist as well as your dental hygienist.

Hygiene Therapists are qualified to perform high-level treatments including administering local anaesthetics in the mouth; advanced teeth whitening treatments; taking moulds of the teeth for assessment purposes; taking and analysing various types of radiographs (X-rays) as well as performing simple examinations.

Prevent gum disease and tooth decay

The main focus of a hygienist is to prevent dental disease – especially of the gums and jaw bone. The hygiene therapist will help you to work out an appropriate oral health routine for you to follow at home including tips on brushing technique. Hygienists can also give dietary advice and recommend other dental aids that you may be suitable for you to help prevent future problems.

Schedule Regular Appointments with your Hygienist

Our Hygiene Therapists are highly trained and experienced in providing a supreme quality of service.

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