Our Treatment Fees

Your dental health is very important to us.

Here we offer complete transparency on the costs and prices on the complete range of dental treatments we offer.

Please note all fees are subject to change depending on individual cases.

This is because we customise treatment programs to suit your individual needs and requirements. Fees are dependent on many things including type of restorations, laboratory fees, materials and techniques used.



All initial examinations and assessments are highly detailed and completely comprehensive. This allows us to plan your teeth, bite and smile thoroughly using advanced explorative techniques. We can then design plans of action that are suitable and appropriate for your long-term dental health. We will also provide you with comprehensive choices so that you can tailor make your own personal and customised dental treatment plan that fits in completely with your requirements, budgets and comfort.

After completion of your chosen treatment plan, we recommend routine maintenance examinations and hygiene care to ensure that your mouth remains stable and healthy.

We offer:

  • Routine Examination
  • Initial Comprehensive Examination
  • Small Digital X-rays
  • Full Mouth Panoramic X-ray

Cosmetic Dentistry

We are dedicated to creating smiles to suit you.

Please talk to us about your objectives with respect to cosmetic enhancements and we will help you to achieve them.

Teeth whitening from £249

Veneers from £999


Our Hygiene Therapists are able to carry out a greater level of oral hygiene care including anaesthetics, radiographs and simple fillings.

Routine Hygienist Treatment ½ hour £60
Routine Hygienist Treatment 1 hour £110

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Gum Treatments / periodontal conditions

Your gum health is the foundation in which your teeth sit. If your gums are unhealthy then teeth can become loose and even painful. Sometimes it becomes necessary to have more advanced gum treatment to stabilise an on-going issue. This is when we will advise more focused care on your gum health and recommend a gum specialist.

Periodontist Consultation £140
Periodontist Review £120
Periodontal Treatment from £450

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These treatments help to restore balance and harmony in your mouth. They help to restore the structural integrity of your teeth and prevent teeth from being too overburdened by unnecessary forces. We only use the most advanced and innovative technologies to help ensure long-term health.

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Tooth Coloured Fillings from £145
Extraction from £145
Dentures from £750
Crowns from £749
Bridge per unit £749

Root Canal Treatments

We want to ensure that you are completely comfortable and without pain. Therefore we use only highly skilled dentists and the most advanced technology. This ensures that not only do your teeth last as long as possible but also the treatment itself is as comfortable as possible.

Root Canal Treatment Consultation £130
Root Canal Treatments from £520


This is a surgical procedure and is carried out with the utmost of care and dedication. We have a superb team of highly skilled and experience implantologists so you can feel safe and comfortable in our care. Implants are a great way to restore lost teeth and give back confidence.

Implant Consultation £100
Implant Placement £1,250
(not including post and Porcelain crown)


Adult Orthodontics

Adults can now enjoy straighter teeth within a matter of months. Also, new technological advances mean that your adult orthodontic treatment can be inconspicuous using clear braces. Our special offers also include complimentary teeth whitening to add that final touch of sparkle to your new smile.

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Orthodontic Consultation £150
Adult Orthodontic Treatments from £2,000
Bespoke rapid orthodontics one arch £2,500, upper and lower £3,500
Lingual Orthodontics from £5,000